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About MESH

MESH invites audiences and passers-by to join in the making of a public ritual of togetherness in different spaces.


In response to our divisive global political climate, MESH explores how a participatory choreography for a large group can bring people together. It offers an experience of interdependence and collaboration through a shared physical experience.

A group of 10 professional dancers and local workshop participants weave through streets, indoor and outdoor public spaces; creating co-operative and self-organizing formations responding to places and people.


MESH is part of Vanessa Grasse's long term choreographic research project which explores the ecology of relational experiences.

I have never seen a dance-work that includes strangers participating spontaneously in this way before; unless the work involves a known social dance form.  It’s wonderfully affirming to see this non-verbal, gently playful interaction taking place.  I admire Vanessa’s intent and skilful shaping of Mesh, and the generosity and openness of the professional dancers. ▬  Rosemary Lee

MESH performance explores the choreographic-social potential of a self-organising and collaborative open group. The research period included input from physicist and science writer Philip Ball (focusing on self organization of complex systems and pattern formations in nature ), anthropologist Tim Ingold (focusing on his theory of Meshwork and anthropology of lines ) and Dance artists: Rosemary Lee, Kirsty Alexander, Beth Cassani, Nita Little. The research bridges Vanessa's walking practice, with her choreographic and improvisation and contact improvisation practices.

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